I and my team in International Computer Programmers (ICP) provide a wide range of IT services at very reduced cost. Feel free to use the 'Get Support Now' button below to request for support in any area.


Get professional guidance to complete your research easily. Whether academic(project, thesis, dissertation) and non-academic we would guide you through the steps.

Data Analytics

We use a variety of tools to perform analytics with any kind of dataset. Our range of tools includes Jupyter Notebook with Python, Microsoft Business Intelligence and more.

Coaching & Mentorship

I provide coaching tailored to the needs of the participant. After evaluation of you existing knowledge of the topic, an outlined is designed that aligns with your needs, pace and schedule.

Graphic Design

Our graphics guys provide the best quality of graphics works and training. Our design works is completed in record time and quality

Web Development

Get a website or a web profile build for you for a token. As a member of ICP, you receive a hosting page to update your profile and help recruiters find you.


We develop desktop, web and mobile app using the latest tools and with focus on high performance.

Workshops & Webinars

We hold periodic webinars and workshop to provide training on the latest technology trends.

Quantifiable Results

Testimonial from our participants provides clear proof of our proficiency. Get coaching to help you switch careers or progress in your current role.

Social Media

Get your business out there using a wide range of social medial tools. Targeted ads and email marketting could help you build a base of clients

Video Lessons

Our hundreds of free and paid video lessons are designed specially for a smooth transition from beginner to expert.


All well-planed Search Engine Optimization ensures that your content stand out among millions of competitors.


Our publication includes step by step procedures on pdf, hand-on, manual and lab guides to help you get the practicals in your finger-tips


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You can reach us by filling and submitting the form below. You may also call the contact number in the contact page.


445 E 86 W 27th St # 601
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