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From a humble beginning in Nigeria, I developed interest in technology moved through the study and research process over many years. More especially, the tough journey through my personal and professional development has taught me the need use my skills and knowledge, not only for building systems but also for developing people.

As an IT researcher and management expert, I’m committed to assisting young professionals improve their skills. I do this by webinars, online lessons, videos, books and paid courses. I currently completing my doctoral program in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary.

You are welcome to read the tough journey through my studies, my research works and the services in offer now.

From My YouTube Channels

Windows Server Administration

This is a simple step by step tutorial I made for new Windows Server Administrators and other learners.

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Complete Application with Spring

I made this hands-on in early 2020 to illustrate how relatively easy it is to build a simple application using Spring Framework and other tools

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Microservices Concepts and Tutorials

Step by Step Tutorial in Windows Server Administration

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CQRS and Event Sourcing With Axon

This is a core aspect of my research and I'm also taking the time to make simplified lessons of this concept for my students.

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My Complete Data Center in one Mac!

I have to acquire this high-speed Mac to accommodate a complete data center with virtual servers. It's just amazing!

Check it out!

Building an Application Using React

This is a step by step procedure on building and complete quiz application using React

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Online Learning Resources by me

My Websites Contain Everything!

  • Datarmatics - A home of data science and analytics stuffs. It also contains a directory and forum for researchers
  • Kindson The Genius - MY official website. All about me, my research and many computer science topics
  • Munonye.com - This website covers Microservices, Angular etc and much step by step tutorials.

From My YouTube Channels

Except from my 2008 Interview

1. What do you do on a daily basis

What I do on a daily basis can be categorized into three basic areas:

  1. i. maintenance of existing applications
  2. ii. Working on applications under development
  3. ii. Supporting users.
2. What programming languages do you use and why?
  1. I use a wide spectrum of programming languages depending on the design requirement for a particular task. Top on the list is ASP.net C# for web applications, PHP for doing some internet stuffs, then VB and Java
3. What tools do you use most to carry out your tasks?
  1. Ranging from RDBMS tools, Workbench, SSMS
  2. IDE Tools, VS, DW
  3. Graphic Tools sometimes
4. What are some of the projects you have worked on?
  1. Ptrack for Windows and PTrack Web Interface
  2. Meeting Room Reservation System
  3. Mobile Lines Management System
  4. Change Management System
  5. IntraServe
  6. And some others
5. What are the challenges of working in this field?
  1. Customer changing the requirements
  2. Not well defined requirements
  3. Meeting up the required schedule
6. What some of the industries where a developer may fit in
  1. Almost all industries in the information age employ some kind of computer application, ranging from data entry, to spreadsheets, to graphics to database system etc. The oil industry, education, media organizations, commerce etc.

My National Service (NYSC) in Nigeria

Thanks for visiting my page! This article outlines my activities during my 1 year National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) assignment in Nigeria. Please enjoy reading and do leave me a comment. I'll be updating with more pictures...

Five Conflict Resolution Techniques Every Employee/Manager Should Know(from PMBOK) - The Genius Blog

The interesting thing is that everyone irrespective of your field can and needs to master these skills. For me as a Software Engineer, I use to think that I only needed technical skills, but I was so wrong after I worked for about two years.

10 Reasons I Love Budapest - a Beautiful City! - The Genius Blog

Hi guys, sure y'all doing great! I just wanna share with the 10 reasons I really love Budapest!. It's such an amazing city. Also feel free to share this post so many can enjoy the nice experience. So if you are thinking of leaving Budapest, after reading through, you'll sure think twice.