January 13, 2021
Introduction to C++ Programming Language

C++ Overview

Welcome to the first lesson in the C++ Programming Tutorials.

We would cover the following:


  1. Overview of C++ Programming
  2. C++ as an Object Oriented Programming(OOP) Language
  3. Standard Libraries in C++
  4. Benefits of C++
  5. How to Succeed in Learning C++


1. Overview of C++ Programming

C++ is an object oriented programming language developed by a computer scientist called Bjarne Stroustrup. It was introduced in the 1970s. You can use C++ to build different types of applications. This includes desktop application, games etc.

C++ is recommended for persons who have some prio programming knowledge. Or maybe you study computer science. But you can also learn C++ as a beginner is you can put the right effort.

C++ programming Language is kind of a a superset of the C programming language. So this means that with knowledge of C++, you would not need to learn C. Again, C++ is statically typed, which means that type checking is performed at run time.


2. C++ as an Object Oriented Programming Language

C++ is one of the first languages to support object oriented programming. This means that the programs is modeled according to objects in the real world. More formally, object-oriented programming languages supports the following features:

  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Data Hiding
  • Polymorhism

These OOP Concepts would be discussed in details in subsequent lessons.


3. Standard Libraries in C++

Standart C++ is made up of three main parts:

  • The core programming language that provides all the necessary structures including data types, variables, functions, constants etc
  • The C++ standard library¬† that gives a rich set of functions for handling components such a strings, files, input/outputs
  • The Standard Template Library (STL). This provides a rich set of functions for manipulating data structures.


4. Benefits of C++

From the analysis carried out by International Computer Programmers in 2019, C++ has a very high Learning-Curve-to-Demand index. This means that the C++ programmers rank very high in importance.

Below are some of the reasons you need to learn C++

C++ applies to a wide range of application domains. This means that you can use C++ to build things like games, desktop applications, standalone applications and many more

C++ is very useful in writing applications that can communicate with hardware. For example device drivers and even other Unix-based operating systems

Also, C++ is used in AI research and teaching since it contains various features from basic to advanced.


5. How to Succeed in Learning C++

Since C++ is a bit different than other programming languages, the following hints would help you successfully learn C++:

Learn regularly: I would recommend taking out 30 minute every three days to learn

Use the Videos: Under each lesson following this one, there is a video. Try to use this video to understand the lesson

Understand the Concepts: While you practice the codes provided in this tutorials, also try to read the brief text provided so you can understand the concept.

Subscribe to the Video Lessons: When you subscribe, you will get updates when new lessons are made. You also get reminders on when quiz is provided. This is the link to the video lessons.


In the next lesson, we would setup and install Eclipse IDE and MinGW C++ compiler.

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