How to Perform Linear Regression in Python and R - Step by STep

How to Perform Linear Regression in Python and R( Similar Results)

In this short lesson, I would teach you how to perform linear regression in Python and R. It’s quite easy. But the interesting thing is that we get similar results.

So let’s start with Python.


Linear Regression in Python

Now the data is given in an excel spreadsheet. This is shown below:

x y
1 3
10 20
20 90
40 110
60 130
71 170
80 150
95 220
120 260
125 300

You can watch the video to see how to easily transfer this data to Jupyter Notebook.

The Python code is shown below. I have also included comments in the code to make it easily readable.

#Import the necessary modules
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from sklearn.linear_model import LinearRegression

#Create a numpy array using the given dataset
x = np.array([1,10,20,40,60,71,80,95,120,125])
y = np.array([3,20,90,110,130,170,150,220,260,300])

#Create a LinearRegression variable
linmod = LinearRegression()
x = x.reshape(-1, 1),y)
y_pred = linmod.predict(x)

#First do a scatterplot, then fit a regression line
plt.plot(x, y_pred, color='red')




Just in case you miss out anything, the Jupyter  Notebook window is shown below.

Linear Regression in Python
Linear Regression in Python


Linear Regression in R

Let’s now examine how to perform Linear Regression in R. I’m sure you know you need to have RStudio installed.

The whole code is given below.

#First copy the data to the clipboard

mydata = read.table(file="clipboard", sep="\t", header = TRUE)
plot(mydata$y ~ mydata$x)

linmod = lm(mydata$y ~ mydata$x)
abline(linmod, col="red")



The graph generated by R is shown below

Linear_Regression in R


The RStudio window is shown below:

RStudio Window

I would recommend you watch the video lesson below:


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