January 13, 2021

JavaScript – Introduction

This is the first in the JavaScript Tutorial series for 2019. I would try to focus on the practicals as much as possible.

In this introduction, we would cover the following:


  1. Overview of JavaScript
  2. Why Learn JavaScript
  3. Best Way to Learn JavaScript
  4. Benefits of JavaScript


1. Overview of JavaScript

JavaScript is an interpreted computer programming language. It  is a high-level and dynamic language that conforms to the EcmaScript specification. JavaScript combined with HTML and CSS is the core language used web pages. JavaScript code is normally embedded into html pages.Therefore, you can write and run JavaScript programs with just your browser.

JavaScript functionality has been extended by frameworks such as AngularJS, React.js, Node.js etc. However, many of the existing frameworks derives from JavaScript.


What is Vanilla JavaScript?

Vanilla JavaScript is a term used to describe pure JavaScript code. Which means JavaScript not extended by additional libraries or framework.



2. Why Learn JavaScript

There are a number of reasons to learn JavaScript. It includes the following:

  • Easy to Learn: JavaScript takes a very short time to learn. It is a high-level language you can be sure to learn in less than two months.


  • No Prerequisites: You don’t need any programming knowledge to learn JavaScript. It is a complete beginner-friendly programming language.


  • Free and Lightweight Tools: You don’t need to install any applications to learn and use JavaScript. You simply write the code, embed in a web page and run.


  • Head-start for other Languages: A number of Languages and framework derives from JavaScript. For example, AngularJS, BootStrap, TypeScript etc. With a knowledge of JavaScript, you can easily get up to speed with these ones



3. Best Way to Learn JavaScript

If you follow the recommendations i make here, then in less than two months, you will be a JavaScript programmer. Each of the chapter of this tutorial has a corresponding video. So after each tutorial, ensure to watch the video to get clarifications.

Also, if you have challenges, we have experienced JavaScript programmers that can help you. All you simply do is to mention your challenge in the comment box either below the video or below this tutorial page.

Finally ensure to follow the JavaScript quiz that would be provided from time to time.



4. Benefits of JavaScript

Some of the benefits of JavaScript are:

  • Richer User interfaces – With JavaScript, you can include features like drag-and-drop and other GUI components. Other include image slider, marquee and rollover effects.


  • Increased interactivity: JavaScript allows you to build interface the user can interact with. For example, you can write functions for mouseover, keypress, click etc.


  • Less Server Interaction: This means that you can perform certain operations on the client side.For example, user input validation can be done using JavaScript. This makes it that the number of server request/response cycles is reduced.


  • Immediate response: So users do not need for a page reload to get a response.


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