GET Request to PHP API Using JQuery – Part 2

This tutorial follows from Part 1.

In this tutorial, you would learn how to call the PHP API from a html page. We would use JQuery to make the REST API call. Then the data returned will be displayed on  html page.

Note: Later I would show you an easier way to fectch MySQL data. That is using PDO. But for now, try learn how it works!

The three steps are:

  1. Create the HTML Page
  2. Write the JQuery Script
  3. Test the API


1. Create the HTML Page

Inside the same folder as the services.php, create html file. Name it index.html

The file should have the following structure:

<title>Consume PHP Web Service</title>

<script src=""></script>
	// JQuery coded goes here



	<h2> List of Students </h2>	
	<ol id="students">
	<!-- list goes here -->



2. Write the JQuery Script

Now, inside the second <Script></Script> tag, write the code to make a rest call to the services.php. The code fetches the data and encodes it as a json. Finally it appends it as <li></li> items to the students elements.

The full code is given below. You need to put this code in the <script></script> tag.

// JQuery coded goes here
$.get("http://localhost/demoweb/services.php", function(data, status){
        // Parse the data and save it in studentList variable	
        var studentList = JSON.parse(data);
	for(var i = 0; i < studentList.length; i++) {
		var student = "id: " + studentList[i].id +
					  " firstname: " + studentList[i].firstname +
					  " lastname: " + studentList[i].lastname +
					  " location: " + studentList[i].location;
		//add the item to page as list items <li>
		student = "<li>" + student + "</li>";


3. Test the API

At this point, you can copy over the files to the server folder. We created this folder in Part 1.

Open the browser and visit, http://localhost/demoweb/index.html

You will see the list of items fetched from the database as shown below


Next Steps

Next, we would write a PHP method to make a POST request. This would insert an student record into the MySQL database.

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