Complete ASP.NET Core Application – Step by Step No Coding

This is Season 1 of building a complete application in ASP.NET C# using SQL Lite.

All the parts are provided below:

Part 1 –  Introduction | | Watch the video

In this part, we introduce the course ‘Complete ASP.NET Core Application with C# and SQL Lite’.  We preview what would be covered in the course.

Part 2 – Setup IDE and New Application | | Watch the video

This part cover installation of the applications we would use (Visual Studio 2019 and SQL Lite). Then we create a new .Net Core Application

Part 3 – Setup the Domain Models | | Watch the video

In this part we create the classes that make up the Hospital Managment System

Part 4 – Setup the Database, SQL Lite and Entity Framework | | Watch the video

This part covers the setup of the SQL Lite database, installation of Entity Framework and creation of database.

Part 5 – Create the Data Context | | Watch the video

Here, we create the data context and generate the migration.

Part 6 – Create the Web Host Extension | | Watch the video

In this part we create the Web Host Extension class and allow migration at startup.

Part 7 – Create the Seeders | the video

Here, we create the Seeders. These are scripts that run to add some initial data to the database when the application starts up.

Part  8 – Create the Controllers | | Watch the video

The controllers used for the application are generated in this part. We do this using scaffolding.

Part 9 – Setup the Home Page, Copy/Paste the Layout | | Watch the video

The home page layout is created using the downloaded template

Part 10 – Testing and Fixing Errors, Navigation | | Watch the video

Here, we fixe up some errors. Then we plan and create the navigation

Part 11 – Add Home Page Image | | Watch the video

We simply add some nice images to the home page.

Part 12 – Image Thumbnail 1 | | Watch the video

We talk about image thumbnails and also setup Bootstrap modal

Part 13 – Image Thumbnail 2 | | Watch the video

Troubleshoot issues with Bootstrap modal popup

Part 14 – Image Thumbnail 3 | | Watch the video

Here we finalize on the patient thumbnails and photo modal.

Part 15 – Add Identity, Login and Registration Page | | Watch the video

The ASP.NET Core identity is setup here and the Login and Registration pages are generated

Part 16 – Customize the Pages | | Watch the video

In this part, we do a bit of customization to make the Login and Registration page look nice.

Part 17 – Complete the Customization | | Watch the video

We complete customization of the home page.

Part 18 – Auth Context, Connection and Migration | | Watch the video

In this part, we create a second context, AuthContext, database connection and migration for the ASP.Net Identity tables.

Part 19 – Add New Fields – Firstname and Lastname | | Watch the video

The ApplicationUse class generated by the ASP.NET core identity does not contain the Firstname and Lastname fields. So we add these two fields in this section.

Part 20 – Protect the controllers | | Watch the video

Here we add protected resources. This means that the use would be forced to login before he can access the home page.


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