January 13, 2021

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Pair with a given sume

Question 1: Find Pair With Given Sum in an Array

Question 1 Given an array of integers, you must find a pair within the array that sums up to a ...
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Check for subarray with zero sum

Question 2: Check if Subarray with Zero Sum Exists

Question 2 You are given an integer array. You need to check if the array contains sub-array with zero sum ...
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Sort a Binary array

Question 3 – Sort a Binary Array in Linear Time

Question 3 Given an unsorted binary array, you need to sort it in linear time - O(n) and constant space ...
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Find duplicate element in an array

Question 4: Find Duplicate Element in Array

Question 4 You are given an array of size n. One of the elements of the array appears twice in ...
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Find the largest sub-array

Question 5 – Find Largest Sub-array

Question 5 You are given an unsorted array of integers. You  need to find the largest sub-array formed by consecutive ...
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Binary Search Tree

We would cover the Binary Search Tree implementation in Java under the following: Introduction to Binary Search Tree Java Program ...
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