Ten Commandments of Computer Programming

I could tell you that the reason many have not become good computer programmers is that the fail to obey the rules of programming. This 10 rules were made up by persons who have gained years of experience in computer programming in many languages.
You can also call this the dos and don’t of computer programming.

Rule 1: Don’t jump from one programming language to another. The best way to learn many programming languages is simple: just become an expert in just one, other would naturally become very easy to learn. So the point is clear. Here, the focus is Java.
Rule 2: No downloading of different programming applications. He we would stick to just one programming application.  The same principle applies, if your become good in using just one application, other become easy.
Rule 3: Don’t to the keyboard and mouse. This is likely the mistake easiest to make. Everyone wants to quickly go to the computer and start writing programs. This is a fatal mistake. This is just like moving into a house under construction. The likelihood is that, when you feel the discomfort, you end up leaving the house. And guess what, you even hate your experience there.
Rule 4: Own a computer: It may be a laptop or a desktop, but make sure you have access to this computer everyday.
Rule 5: Stop Watching Online Videos: There are literally thousands of videos on computer programming out there. So I could tell you it would so much confusing for a beginner to spend time watching these videos. It may become overwhelming that your interest in programming would diminish.
Rule 6: Have a Programming Notebook: This is what many learners ignore and end up paying dearly for the lapse. So buy a notebook and write boldly on it Computer Programming with <Language>. Language is the programming language you want to learn. So if you want to learn Java, then on the notebook, write “Computer Programming With Java”.
Rule 7: Don’t Think a Computer Science Degree Would be the Answer: I could tell you this from personal experience. Spending the years trying to get a degree and thinking it would make you a programmer is like thinking that staying near a river(or would quench your thirst. If you are thirsty, go take a cup of water. Same with programming.
Rule 8: Buy one Textbook: Note that I did not say textbooks. Just one textbook is ok. For me I used “C++ Program Design” to begin. But if I had known what I know now, I would have used a different textbook.
Rule 9: Buy a Flash drive for Computer Programs: Try to have one flash drive to use for computer programming course. In this flash drive, you will put all the code you have been writing starting from the first one one to the last one
Rule 10: Don’t skip the Lessons: You need to stick to the series of lessons you have chosen. Here in The Tech Pro, we have chosen to go along on the Java track. And it would be about 2 lessons per week. These lessons would be very easy so you would not have any reasons to skip them. Remember that each lesson follows from the previous one.