Java Progamming For Beginners Lesson 1: Introduction to Java and Intallation of Netbeans

This is the first part on the series of easy tutorials aimed to help Java beginner Java programmers to get up to speed in programming in Java.

In this tutorial, we would download and install Netbeans on our computer.

This series of lessons is designed for absolute beginners. You don’t need any prior programming knowledge to understand the lessons. You simply need to follow along.
Make sure you know the Ten Basic Rules of Computer Programming.

Basics of Java Programming Language
The Java programming language was created in 2008 by a Computer Scientist called James Gosling. The Java programming language is relatively easy to learn and it is considered one of the most common Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Languages. We’ll talk about OOP later.
Programs written in Java can run on any computer. This means that if you write a program in Java, it can run on Windows, Linux, Mac and other operating systems.

Let’s Get to Work
The primary tool we would use in this lesson is Netbeans. It is a free application you can use to write Java programs. Follow the steps below to install Netbeans in your computer.

Step 1: Go to
You will see Netbeans IDE 8.2 Download.

Step 2: Click on the last Download button in the page to download. I have highlighted it in red in the figure below

Step 3: Wait for the Download to complete.
When the download starts, you will see the following page. It would take some minutes depending on the speed of your internet.

Step 4: Install Netbeans. Locate the downloaded file(it should be in downloads folder). Double click to run it and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 5: JDK Installation: You can skip this step if the installation is successful. Otherwise, you may have to install Jdk from the site:

Step 6: Click on Accept License Agreement and the click on any of the following two I circled

Note that

  • i586 means 32 bit
  • x64 means 64 bit

To check if your system is 32 or 64 bit, right-click on My Computer and click on Properties. The windows below shows you whether your computer is 32 or 64 bit

Step 7: Complete the Installation and Open Netbeans. Netbeans opens as shown in the window below:

If you have gotten to this point, then know that you have successfully completed Lesson 1 of the Java Programming for Beginners Tutorial. You are now ready for the Lesson 2 which I would publish in the next two days. For now let’s wait for everyone to complete this lesson.
If you have any issue with this installation, please let me know in the comment box below.
Just to add to your knowledge:
JDK: Java Development Kit
IDE: Integrated Development Environment
OOP: Object Oriented Programming.
Also make sure you know the 10 Basic Rules of Computer Programming