Google Adsense and Facebook – 5 Things You Should Know

I would tell you the realities from my own personal experience as a google Adsense user for over six years now.
If you are and Adsense publisher, and you have been using sharing your blogs on Facebook or you think of using Facebook to share your blogs or link, then you need to think twice.

My Personal Experience
I begin sharing this Java Tutorial Lessons on Facebook, “How to Create a Simple Calculator in Java Using Netbeans”. So I posted this links on Facebook groups for Java. In the next less than two hours, I was getting over 1000 views on the blog post. At the same time, there was increase in my earnings as would be expected.

The logical thing to do as you know, which i did was to  create more video lessons. So I have to call then ..Part 1, Part 2….hoping for the trend to continue. Then the worst happened! In less than two days, everything started dropping drastically reducing: CPC, RPM, Clicks. Surprisingly the views were still increasing!

So my question was: how come  the views were increasing but the clicks were dropping? and earnings were also dropping. So I made more blogs are shared on Facebook hoping for there may be improvements. It even became worse. This time almost everything was red, dropping to 0, even though the clicks were increasing!. At this point I realized that the more I posted to Facebook, the more I my earnings and other metrics dropped even though the views were coming.
When I stopped posting to Facebook, everything started improving after couple of days even though the views were not a much as when I was posting to Facebook.

How Google Adsense Work
 The money used by Google comes from advertisers. The higher the quality of your content, the higher the advertisers are willing to pay to place ads on your site(That is the concept of CPC or cost per click). So if you are just getting views, advertizers may still not be willing to pay much if they consider your content to be of low quality.

The Issue
On key factor Google looks out for in rating the quality of your site is organic traffic. Organic Traffic in simple terms means traffic from a wide range of sources especially search engines. So If a large percentage of your traffic are coming from just one source, say Facebook, then Google would rate your site low and your earnings would start reducing. If this trend continues persistently, then Google would go ahead to penalize you by throwing away the clicks coming into your site. That was the problem I had, I was consistently violating the ‘organic traffic’ policy so they penalized me

5 Facts You Should Know
So I have made a summary of the following points to guide you

1. Facebook Traffic is rated Low by Google Adsense
This is the very important. Just as I said before, think of other ways to advertise your content. One good tool is Google plus. Another is Gmail. So just email the links to friends on Gmail. But remember that if you misuse Gmail by using it to send spams, Google would place restrictions on your account.

2. Don’t Post to Facebook Groups Frequently
If you post you links to frequently to Facebook groups, say, everyday. Then automatically, you may get so many traffic from Facebook. What would happen is that Google Adsense algorithm, would calculate the percentage your traffic comes from Facebook, and if it is too high, then they would slam you.

3. Don’t Advertise Only on Facebook
This have been mentioned earlier.

4. You May be Penalized for Advertising on Facebook
Just know that this would happen. So don’t be surprised when this happens. And try to read Google Adsense policies especially on organic traffic as this would serve as a guide.

5. Focus on Improving the Quality of Your Content
There is no alternative to making quality content. That is the best way to create quality content.

6. Allow Time to Pass
The problem arises when you think that you could start making so much money in  a very short time. It would take as much as eight months to two years before you start seeing something reasonable. That is if you are consistently and regularly posting quality content.

Final Notes
Be sure that Google Adsense policies just became a little more strict recently, so now it seems to be survival of the fittest. So continue to try to provide quality content and be sure that in a short time, you will be making some good cash. Do leave a comment to let me know if this information have been useful to you.