Beware of Digital Marketers – 6 Secrets You Don’t Know!

I often cringe when I hear folk freely say they are digital marketers of digital marketing experts without actually considering all implications of what they do. And just like may IT terms and concepts, the ordinary user of computer and internet does not worry much about the meaning of these terms and concepts, so far as they have not seen any problem with it and the system is working. This is unfortunate because, unknown to us, the ICT technologies have much impact on us both positively and negatively.
Today I would be talking about ‘digital marketing’.


What is Digital Marketing?

The formal definition is: ‘the used of digital technology to market product and services’. This definition appears honest and clear but think of it for a minute by considering marketing in a general sense. Marketers sell products, services to people by letting them know  about what you do. Sometime they reach out to people in their offices, homes and business places. Sometimes, they advertise the products and services in a public place for people to see.
Now think of digital marketing: someone sits behind a computer in and does exactly the same thing, but this time not minding who he may be talking to. Just tell as many people as possible about the product and services irrespective of whether they want to hear or not.
It involves, phone calls, emails, social media and other  platforms made available on the internet.
Now these are the five secrets

1. Digital Marketers are often Spammers

 How many times in a week do you receive emails that are totally unsolicited? These unsolicited emails are called SPAM. Some may try to sell products like viagra or other stuff. More often than not, they originate from digital. Now how do you feel when you receive such mail, for me I’m disgusted and the sad thing is that the mails keep coming. The truth is that the digital marketer next to you may be the cause of this heartache. So if someone proudly say, he is a digital marketer, beware!

2. Digital Marketing Involves Stealing Peoples Emails

As mentioned, this digital marketers send emails to several people. This is sometimes referred to as email marketing, the sending of emails to a group of persons. In case of digital marketers, they sometimes have list of people’s emails ranging from tens to hundreds of thousand. Who give them?
How did they get it? This is a discussion for another day. But the fact is, they steal these emails from you, unknown to you. In some way they scan the web and grab user’s emails from various sites.

3. It is Considered Crime is Some Countries

The aspect of digital marketing that is a crime in some countries is the Email Marketing. Examples are:
In 2011, a fine of 110,000 AUD was issued to Virgin Blue Airlines in Australia for email marketing
In 2012, a fine of 110,000 AUD Tiger Airways Holdings Limited for email marketing
In 2014, Canada enacted Anti-Spam Law with a fine of 1 million CAD for individual defaulters and a fine of 10 million CAD for companies
Similar regulations exists in the United States and Europe.

4. Questionable Products are Often Advertised Through Digital Marketing

This is very important to know. This is because these products may be banned products or have strict regulations for the marketers. This leads some of the  business owners to resort to the easy way of digital marketing. Example is the porn industry, hard drugs, contraband items, illegally imported goods, sex trade and the list continues. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting persons have fallen prey to this scam, and that is why I created this article.

5. Hackers Oftentimes Get Involved in Digital Marketing

Remember that hacking has to do with gaining access to information resource or system that ‘from the backdoor’. Example is accessing information that you are not authorized to access. That is one means digital marketers get the details about their victims. They send a phishing email, and when you open it, your system is compromised and your personal details stored on your system is taken.

6. The Unsubscribe Button They Provide May be a Trap!

Normally, by regulations, a sender of these unsolicited mails should provide a means for the user to unsubscribe from receiving further emails. These provision have been compromised sometimes because they know users would want to unsubscribe. So What they do sometimes is to create a button that even leads you further into their web space and may not get you unsubscribed. That is why sometimes you unsubscribe from receiving certain junk mails, but they keep coming. The truth is that once they get hold of your mail, you cannot remove it from their records, so the best thing to do is to block the email address.

My Advice and Final Notes

My advice for everyone is to be very careful when you you receive information through emails from persons you don’t know. Also try not to open an attachment if you are not sure of the sender of the email.
Try to check the source email. (Not just the name!).
This is because, an email marketer could clone any name he wants under a different email. An example is:
Mail from:      PayPal
Mail address: (Paypal cannot use this email address)
This sender impersonates PayPal but he is actually a hacker. So, check the email before you open.
If you are involve in some kind of digital marketing, you need to avoid aspects of this business that is questionable. Focus on Social Networks Sites as well as expanding your reach by physically meeting with people.
I hope this information is useful to you, if so, or you have some questions, leave a comment below. More importantly, let as many as possible get to know this. This information held so many avoid the heartache.
Thanks for your time.