4 Reasons You Should not Study Computer Engineering – An Expert Explains

I have decided to write this article to provide some guidance to the teaming youths who every year face the choice of what direction to go in terms of choosing a career or study path. The challenge is that out of exuberance of getting into the higher institution, many young ones end up getting there but not achieving anything at the end of these years.

The reason is that they make the wrong choice when choosing a course to study. Consider the following reasons why some choose a particular course:

  • a friend did the same course
  • they were told by their parents to choose the course
  • they think they would get a job easier by choosing a particular course
  • they fail to meet the requirements of a particular course, so they go for anyone available
  • there is some grant or scholarship for that course
  • and more..

Note: This applies mainly to Africa and many other developing countries regions.

The outcome of this situation is that 4 or 5 or even 6 years of ones life is wasted in pursuit of a phantom and at the end they come back exactly where they were just before they started the program. This is a fact. It happens every time, such that they graduate from school and become dependent on their parents again for funds and other needs. This trend clearly cannot continues.

For today, we would examine a specific area and that is about the course: ‘Computer Engineering’.
Let’s now examine these four reasons why you should not study computer engineering. Then we examine, what are the alternatives?

Reason 1: Definition of Computer Have Become very Abstract
Consider what the computer means in the 1940s and 1950s. Then we have the ENIAC(Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator). Or the EDVAC (Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Calculator). This were very powerful(as of then) and large machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are used by big organizations at the time. So, as of that time the concept of computers was very clear. This massive machines represented the computer.

So what is the computer today? You can’t really say. This is because a computer can be embedded in virtually anything you can think of. Smartphones, tablets, automobiles, aircraft, guns, wrist watches, and many more. What many use on their tables to work is called Personal Computer and is just on type of the myriads of types that exist. We can see not that one trying to study Computer Engineering does not really have any particular direction. The fear is that the persons would end up learning so much theories.

Reason 2: May of the Instructors Are not Able to Impart the Knowledge
Just like you know, the technology trends keeps changing and improving over time. This means that the IT knowledge that was very useful 10 years ago may not be as useful today. The challenge is that if you don’t regularly update your IT knowledge and keep pace with latest technological trends, then you can’t really impart this knowledge to students. And unfortunately, that is the challenge facing may instructors in the higher institutions. The lecturers oftentimes lecture based on an outdated curriculum and by the time the student graduates, that knowledge is more of less no longer useful.

Reason 3: Leads to Lack of Specialization
Let’s illustrate this. Take the concept of vehicles for example. If someone decides to study ‘Vehicle Engineering’, what would the person be studying and what would be the specialization? It would be difficult because the concept of vehicles is so broad that without specialization in a particular area, then you cannot achieve the objectives. Same with Computer, the school would end up teaching the theories most part of the time and this without a corresponding amount of time in the practical field would not yield much results.

Reason 4: A Number of Institutions don’t Have Necessary Facilities
In many of the institutions, the computer lab is a collection of Personal Computers and maybe some network equipment. This is can be called PC Lab and can be created by anyone. You can even have such a setup at your home. So what is the need of spending 5 years together with the increasing amount of school fees for something that everyone can do?
Granted, there are higher institutions that may have the facilities, but then the fees becomes outrageous.

What are the Alternatives?
I could tell you from my personal experience as an IT professional of about 20 years that  your time would be well spent doing any of the courses below. Not only that you spend less time and money but you will be able to put the knowledge to use in a short time to generate needed returns

1. Graphics Design
2. Web Design
3. Computer Repairs
4. Computer Maintenance
5. Computer Networking
6. Database Administration

Video explanation can be found here: 4 Reasons You Should not Study Computer Engineering – An Expert Explains

Final Notes
We need to let our youths as many as possible to be well-guided in choosing a direction after their secondary schools. We can’t allow this trend to continue. You may need to share this article with as many as possible, it could help save the time and stress, even the risks and vices associated with the  universities.

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments, you can leave it in the comment box below.