How to Check if Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

Check If Your Facebook Account Have Been Hacked!
Hacker nowadays are have just got smarter. Most times their objective is not just to compromise or corrupt your data, but to control your data without interrupting you.
So you share your account with them without knowing it!
An example is when a friend called me that someone is using his Facebook account to post porn videos and images. Sadly, the innocent user would not see the posts, but friends would see it, and that create whole lots to confusion.
Just imaging what this can do to relationships, marriages, families etc.
This is why i’m moved to write this article to help you protect yourself.
How It Works
Large Social Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and others implement what is called API(Application Programmers Interface). This is like an interface it uses to communicate with other applications from the ‘backdoor’, that is using codes.
What this means is that hackers can actually write application that can covertly communicate with Facebook or even install in Facebook. 
Some of these application may appear as games or other utilities and once you start using them you are at risk.
So the objective of the hacker is to get the application installed in your account, and once installed, the application could carry out normal action using your account, like posting to wall, sharing liking etc.
The serious part is that even if you change your password, the problem may not be solved because the application have been pre-authenticated. So the application continues to impersonate you  without your knowing.
Follow the procedure below to check if your account have been compromised and the do some clean up.
How  to See Installed Application on Your Account
1. Click on Setting to go to the Settings Page

2. In the Setting Page, Click on Apps on the Left Side of the Page

Under ‘Logged In With Facebook’, you can see the text “You haven’t logged into any app with Facebook”. This is fine and means that my account is intact.
However, if you see a list of strange Apps here, then beware.

Take a look at this image below(its in French, because I speak French!):

Here, you can about four different apps. I don’t know which apps or how many of them appears on yours and who added them there.
So is time to do some clean up. You can go ahead to remove them.
To remove an app, hover you mouse above an app, then a delete button appears, then proceed with deleting them.
Lets Move On

In the window, you can see four categories of Apps.

Now that you have done this clean up, scroll down to the lower par of the page, and you will see four categories which I explain below.

Apps, Websites an Plugins: This controls applications that can use your Facebook account or app you use with your Facebook account. If you are a normal regular Facebook user, you can go ahead to disable it.
Apps Others Use: This controls which of your data you want applications to access. You can click on it and uncheck which information you don’t want other to access.
Game and App Notification: If you don’t spend your time playing games over Facebook, you can just turn it off as it can be exploited by hackers. 
Old Version of Facebook for Mobile: You can set this to either ‘Friends’ or ‘Only Me’.
Once you have completed this steps, go ahead to change your password(this is optional) and your Facebook account is protected.
If you have any issues or questions on this, leave a comment to let me know.
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