2019 Python Programming Course (Beginner to Expert Tutorials)

This is a series of Video lessons for the 2019 Python Programming Tutorial Series. This would run between January and March 2019. Feel free to subscribe so you can get notified when new lessons are made.

SN Lesson Video
1 – Set Up PyCharm, Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook

In this tutorial, you learn how to download and set up all the tools you need. Moreover, you will learn how to start a new project in both Jupyter Notebook and Pycharm

2 – Basic Python Syntax

This tutorial covers how to write comments in python (single and multi-line), Python program syntax, Python identifiers, multi-line statements, getting user inputs, and writing your first program

3.0 – Data Types and Conversion

In this Tutorial you learn about Multiple assignments and Standard data types. It also covers  String Manipulation, Lists in Python, Tuples in Python, Dictionaries, Data type conversion

3.1 -Data Types and Conversion 2

This tutorial covers more on Data type and conversion (int, float, string, etc). Additionally, you will learn how to convert from one type to another since this is needed as a programmer.

4.0 – Python Operators and Review of Binary Numbers

In this Tutorial you learn about arithmetic operators, operator precedence, comparison operators, assignment operators etc.

4.1 – Python Operators and Review of Binary Numbers Cont’d:  

In this Tutorial we’ll continue on our review of Python Operators. We’ll learn more about Bitwise Shift operators, review of binary number, Membership Operators and Identity Operators . An simple walkthrough is included as well

5.0 – Conditional Statements in Python:   

In this Tutorial you learn about making decisions in Python program using conditional statements. Conditional Statements include.  These includes if Statements, elif statements, nested statements. Additionally, there would be a sample project to play with.

6.0 – Loops in Python:   

In this Tutorial you learn about loops and loop control statements. Python Loops are For Loop and While Loop.  Loop Control Statements are Break Statement, Pass Statement and Continue Statement.

If you are a beginner, then after these 2019 Python Programming Tutorials, you will be an expert. But if you have some knowledge of Python, then after now, you will develop mores skills. Remember to Subscribe to the 2019 Python Programming Tutorial Series. In this way, you will be updated with new videos.

Further Notes

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